Atelier Meditation in Movement avec Tioka Tokedira

Atelier Meditation in Movement.

Dimanche 9 décembre avec Tioka Tokedira

De 14h30 à 16h30

This atelier is designed for anyone new to yoga or meditation and looking for ways to improve concentration and reduce stress. This two-hour session will give you breathing exercises, a sequence of postures, and a guided method you can combine to improve your focus and feel calm.

You will experience techniques that nourish the body with oxygen and steady the nervous system. The choreographed yoga movements and mental focal points will help create spaciousness — physically and emotionally. Each movement and breath will be like a mental cleanse as you play with poses to open your heart and the corners of your body where tension may be lingering. Eventually you will flow from one posture to another to let go of stress, making room for balance and lightness.

EWe will finish with a Yoga Nidra. Through this guided meditation, drift into deep relaxation so your body can rest while your mind gently explores sensations, emotions, and layers of your consciousness, aligning your inner most self with a feeling of bliss.

Tarif : 30€

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