Atelier Unleashing the power of love!

Le lundi 23 septembre de 19h30 à 21h

Yoga teaches us that love is the foundation of our very being. We are more than just our job, our family rolls, and our place in society.The inner practices of Yoga have the power to break through what is holding us back and awaken our inner power to love, serve, and enjoy life to its fullest.

In this evening session, senior teachers Davis Harshada Wagner and Adriana Rizzolo will lead us through a dynamic combination Of movement, meditation, and deep energy work to help us uncover, discover and embrace the delicious energy that lies within us.

No experience necessary. Come wearing comfortable clothes, but yoga apparel is optional. We will be doing some conscious movement, but not a full-on āsana sequence.

Tarif : 35 euros

Réservation sur notre planning.