(le) Backbend known as Urdhva Dhanurasana avec Dasha Romanova

Kshanti Yoga Paris 6 Rive Gauche  

(le) Backbend known as Urdhva Dhanurasana avec Dasha Romanova

Le dimanche 11 mars de 14h à 16h

How well do we know the well known « Bridge »? This seminar is intended for a (small) group of people, who are not new to the physical practice and are genuinely interested in learning more about Urdhva Dhanurasana aka Bridge rather than focusing merely on the visual representation of this pose.

We will be exploring the pose from the following angles:
– Terminology ‘around’ the pose
– Functional anatomy & physiology of this beautiful pose
– Contraindications & therapeutic benefits
– How can I incorporate this pose into my practice in a safe for me way (we will look at a couple of possible transitions)?
– Ayurvedic aspect around this refreshing asana (bodily & character traits)

The seminar will be conducted in Frenglish. En plus, la pratique de yoga est la langue mondiale, donc tout va bien.

Réservez votre atelier sur le site de Dasha Romanova : heartcoremind.com