Planting a Healthier Life avec Cristina et Cadine 

Planting a Healthier Life

Un atelier sur deux jours :

Samedi 9 mars de 13h à 15h30 et dimanche 10 mars de 13h30 à 15h30

What you will learn:

-The 6 principle plants necessary to navigate this transition from winter to spring, available and accessible to us here in Paris.
-How to use these plants for optimal health results in combination with powerful techniques of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to connect with the guiding wisdom of these plants.
-How to observe more deeply, using drawing as a way to be more aware of the environment we inhabit.

This workshop will give you tools for key clean, optimal health with this combination of physical practice and scientific theory, medical insight and drawing.

During two afternoons, we will explore phyto-therapy as we are guided by plants that are available to us at this time of seasonal transition. The recipes we will share can be easily made at home. The exercises, breath work, and mediation will allow this knowledge to integrate the body for profound and lasting results for your health.

“Come prepared to move, paint, and discover the power of plants for your health.”

Dr Cristina Maggioni is an obstetrics and gynecology and works with the body mind connections and psychosomatic diseases. She has a masters in clinical psychology and a PhD in social psychology. Cadine Navarro is a Kundalini teacher and artist. Over the last three years she has been training in permaculture design which informs her interest in body/mind/nature systems.

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